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Expert Mortgage Solutions knows that home loans and home buyers are like snowflakes and fingerprints - No two are alike. Your needs and circumstances are special and you deserve more than a cookie cutter loan. You deserve the best - the best deal you can get! We have successfully financed loans for hundreds of people who were turned down by a bank or "speedy" mortgage company. Whether you're perfectly qualified or less-than-stellar, getting a home loan can be difficult. But Expert Mortgage Solutions has over 40 years of combined mortgage experience and we work with many different lenders, so we're able to find a mortgage program that fits your needs and a lender that appreciates your situation. Expert Mortgage Solutions provides home loans for Re-Financing, Purchasing, or Consolidating. We offer VA Loans, FHA Loans, HARP 2.0, Commercial, Conventional, Hard Money, Streamline, Jumbo, Construction, 203k Fixer-Upper, and even Down Payment Assistance Programs. When Banks say NO, we say YES ☼ ☞----> Tell A Friend!

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Contact Expert Mortgage Solutions to find out how you can get the best mortgage at the best rate in the quickest way possible! Click on the "Contact Us" button or the "Get Started" button and send us your information. It's FREE - No obligation. And we won't share your info with anyone else! Contact: Carol@emscal.com or call 916-566-1100